4 Myths About Bedbugs that any traveler should know!

Originally posted on Plugged In Recruiter:

Woman pulling suitcaseIf you stay in hotels, you need to read this.  Bedbugs have become nearly epidemic in North America. They had been all but eradicated by the 1950′s but pesticide restrictions and the ease of global travel have allowed them to stage a comeback – and they’re back with a vengeance. One of the reasons they’re so hard to get rid of is people don’t know they’ve moved in until they’re at full infestation levels.

There are many myths surrounding this horrid little bug. Read through my top 4  - and the tips at the end of this post – to make your hotel stays safer.

Myth Number 1: I’m safe from bedbugs if I stay in expensive hotels.
Not true. Bedbugs are just as happy in 5-star hotels as they are in cheap motels. They truly are an equal opportunity pest.

Myth Number 2: Bedbugs are easy to spot. Just…

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